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Homework Help: Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics

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    Well, my opinion is that it totally lacks mathematical rigor...

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    It depends on the level of understanding, I think Sakurai has done a good job balancing mathematics and intuition. One can do a highly mathematical exposition for a grad QM book, butr I guess what one treasures in QM is a little intuitive understanding.
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    Tom Mattson

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    I took a 2 semester sequence from it, and I really enjoyed it. It does a good job of exposing students to interesting questions and their solutions, and it fairly represents the experimental side. It is a very readable book that could even be used for advanced undergraduates.
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    I'm going to read it soon..kinda excited! I think I'm gonna loooooooooooove QM! but I've planned to read with along Griffiths..it's easy to understand!
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