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Salary help

  1. Oct 12, 2012 #1
    So im a computer engineering student in FL (USA), about 2 semesters to graduate... I got a co-op job as a Software Engineer, im working about 30 a week and making around $20 per hour..

    When i stared here 2 month ago, they had a guy that was making i think 70k per year (but he was hired by one of those hiring agencies so he was making less because of that)

    Now i was just asked if i wanted to get hired full time since they like what i do, and i match in the position, and fit in, etc

    They basically asked me that i could either work full time, and go back as a co-op and probably pay me more as a co-op (30hours a week). I will take about 4 classes (3 and a lab) next semester, so i dont have a problem working 40h a week, and the rest of my degree is not that hard..

    So my employer asked me how much do i want for a full time job, and how much do i want for a part time... Also asked me which way i wanted to go...

    Now i have until monday to answer this question... But im thinking...

    Full time 65k-70k (salary employee with benefits)
    Part time $27/h (hourly employee no benefits)

    So what do you guys think i should ask for Full time or part time if i decide to go that route
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  3. Oct 12, 2012 #2
    I don't know whether those ranges are appropriate (they sound too high to me), but I do know the relationship between them is wrong. You are looking at 55k(ish) part time, no benefits, or 65k full time, with benefits.

    Doesn't compute.
  4. Oct 12, 2012 #3
    I don't know what kind of an offer this is without knowing what region of the world or even the US this is from. You also don't say much about the benefits. Those can add up to a big deal.

    Fundamentally, I will tell you not to stop taking classes for your degree. Working full time and going to school part time is no walk in the park. It takes discipline.

    But it could be a good offer....
  5. Oct 12, 2012 #4
    You are in a college/university and still have a year to graduate. I know that being "broke" is not fun (though it seems that you are well off due to your coop) but this year is most likely the last "fun" year in your life before retirement. By the "fun" I mean no fixed amount of vacation, sick days, larger responsibilities than school (responsibilities of a co-op or an intern are generally not comparable to the responsibilities of a full-time salaried employee).

    With CE/EE/CS major, one should not worry about the job prospects that much. On top of that, you resume seems to feature a strong off-campus employment. I would personally not recommend to be both a full-time student and full-time employee.

    On the other hand, based on the provided information you could graduate in May, which is just a little bit over half a year ahead. So... it's really your call.

    $65k/year is a decent salary for the start, perhaps even in the upper percentiles (based on the region). Perhaps a master's degree would boost the salary even higher?

    Source: I had two interns this past summer and now I have a coop.
  6. Oct 12, 2012 #5
    Im in Florida, USA
  7. Oct 14, 2012 #6
    There are large differences in average salary not only among the states but also among counties. Compare the cost of living on Long Island, Manhattan, and Binghamton. I am confident that you can google a number of websites with data on salaries based on the field and geographical location.

    At the end of the day, $10k salary difference carries much less weight provided one does what he enjoys.
  8. Oct 14, 2012 #7
    65-70k does sound a little high, but it's not unreasonable. I would probably expect to make 55-65k, but it depends on cost of living and what not. If you have senior design for your last year and you want to work full time, I can pretty much guarantee you will hate your life. I don't even know if you could do it. Some weeks were fine for my senior design (I'm a ME), but there were some where I was on campus ~75 hours a week and then more on Sat/Sun. I worked part time (10hrs a week or so) and even that was difficult at some points.

    Maybe you could work something out with your employer that could allow you to take the part time position and then see if you can move into full time once you graduate. At the end of the day though, it's up to you and what you think you'll have time for. I'd take the part time position so in case there were some days/weeks that I couldn't come in for the full 30hrs or whatever, they would be more understanding.
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