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Salt absorbtion from the ocean

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    I have checked with doctors and even some molecular biologist and can't get
    a solid answer. I like to wade fish in the ocean and I have Menieres disease.
    I have to really watch salt in my body. If I fish waist deep in the ocean for 5 or 6 hours a day will the skin allow salt to enter the blood stream.

    The skin does allow certain things to pass , what about the salt molecule?

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    At the very least you would want to have a partner, buddy fish with you to keep an eye on you if you were to become dizzy- drowning would be quite hazardous ;-) Also you would want to carry plenty of fresh water and keep hydrated.

    In sea water (hypertonic) the osmotic potential predicts that water would go from the body (tonic) to the seawater... You would start to see yourself "prune" up in your extremities... It would have the same effect to you as too much salt since you have concentrated the electrolytes in your body by removing water through the skin. Keep your excursions short and hydrate often, and have a buddy close by, and of course keep your doctor in the loop.
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