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Salutlutions.. nations.. salu.. Curses! Failed

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    oh well.. Try to pretend to be smart and fit in with the rest of the smarty pants by using big words and this is what you get: exposed as the heathen that you are.

    Anyway, call me Cal. It would be nice to say I have a bunch of paper-cred but I don't. I was going for a degree triple header twenty years ago in electronics engineering, computer engineering and biomedical engineering when I realized that I would make a lot more money just keeping the business going that I started when I was thirteen years old, and I could stop accumulating those pesky student loans. Still cleaning toilets to this day. So, I'm a college drop-out janitor.

    See, no paper-creds.

    Never stopped learning, though. Got a brain like a black hole.. it has always had the need to feed. I was totally thrilled when the Internet got so full and busy that I could stop burning my life away in the library research section and bumming or buying used text books off of college students who didn't need them anymore.
    Primary interests right now is Astro-physics and how it makes friends with quantum physics, or more so the areas where it doesn't seem to make friends. I mean, everybody knows that a community thrives when everybody gets along with each other, why can't the universe do the same thing? Can't we all just get along?

    So, looking forward to talking with everybody.. and sucking the learning off you geniuses like some kind of information vampire, Dr. Who style.
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    Welk..welckm..wel..er... nice to meet you.
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