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Same old same old.

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    In addition to the annual trip to Aruba in the early spring, this year we will visit Ecuador in the summer. We'll be on the Playa De Same. It looks like the English word same, but in Ecuadorian it's pronounced different. I have been scouring the web to find out any information about it, but there is none. Near as I can tell, the coastal road from Esmeralda heading west passes through it and that's the only road in town. It's more sought after than other beaches which means it's more expensive. We plan to head inland for a look at the rest of the country, but we have no plans to see the Galapagos Islands. Quito is closer than they are and I see no need to add my trash to that fragile environment.

    If by chance, anyone here has information about Playa De Same, please share it.
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    Hmm...are you sure there's a space there? Because a couple online translators say that "desame" means "hates" or "stops loving"...:uhh:
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    Makes sense. Des ame.
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