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In summary, I think that having a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a Minor in Physics would be a strong foundation for pursuing graduate study in Physics.f
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So this has been heard before but I really can't figure out what to do and need to hear some other's perspective on my situation. My university experience has been painful and confusing. I have switched majors and minors and have done things I'm not very proud of. I'm now a Mathematics Major with a Minor in Physics. I love both but I feel that Physics is the field that's more practical for a graduate degree. I recently decided that I wanted to go for a Masters and needed to fix my past mistakes. After 2 years in school my GPA was terrible and ended up as a 1.6. After a ton of coffee, repeats and a little luck, I have raised it to a 2.9 and if I keep going the way I have been I will end up with a GPA around 3. I'm worried about having a solid enough foundation for a graduate degree.

I know that I have a solid enough foundation for Math if I so choose to go for it.
However I'm not so sure for Physics (The one that I want). I have taken the 3 essentials classes in Mechanics, Electromagnetism and Modern, but will only get a shot at 2 or 3 upper level classes.

Would having a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Minor in Physics be a strong enough foundation to pursue graduate study in Physics?
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I believe physics grad schools expect you to have taken two semesters of mechanics, two semesters of electromagnetics, and two semesters of quantum mechanics (though someone may correct me on this). Of course, the more physics courses, the better. Some colleges may be lenient and allow you to take those prerequisite classes before you actually begin the graduate level classes. It just depends on which university you would go with. That would be something to look into.
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I did read that the program I'm looking at conducts an oral interview to determine where a student stands on their Physics knowledge and to determine prerequisites. That might be what you're kind of referring to. Its just hard to get information out of anybody on how grad schools operate.

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