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Sample Design Documentation

  1. Aug 11, 2007 #1
    Can someone direct me to good sources of existing design documentation? Hopefully in electronic/embedded design - I just need to use them as a guideline and see what standards I have to meet when tailoring my design report.

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    I'm not able to send you any of my stuff as examples (proprietary materials owned by the company I work for), but here is a list of some of the kinds of things that will go into product documentation, depending on the product of course:

    ** Functional Specification Document

    ** Theory of Operation Document

    ** Schematic, Bill of Materials, PCB Layout documentation

    ** CPLD/FPGA design documentation (source code, pin definition file, programming file, programming instructions document)

    ** Documentation of any custom or unique parts used in the design (like transformers, etc.)

    let's see, what else?
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