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Sampling at 1/n Planck time.

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    Can we synchronize n samplers so that the system is being sampled at 1/n Planck time?

    What could we tell about the data values between two adjacent samples?
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    1. Not theoretically possible.

    2. Nothing, there are theorems about making assumptions between any 2 sample points. The conclusions are limited by the HUP and attempts to go past that lead to logical contradictions (and results are as predicted by QM). See Hardy's Paradox for example.
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    No, because tat would require us to sample 10^44 times/s.
    Which is about 33 orders of magnitude faster than the fastest A/D converter we can currently build.
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    Is this thread referring to the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem of band-limited functions? I believe that most QM wave functions have a limited bandwidth (if they spatially limited then they are usually limited in momentum-space also).
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