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San Fransisco

  1. Mar 24, 2003 #1
    Hello People,

    Anybody know of any interesting things to do in San Fransisco?

    Anything one *must see*?
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    Based on a few visits to SF as a tourist, some of the things I've enjoyed:

    the view from Twin Peaks.

    walking around Chinatown and trying to decide where to eat.

    walking out onto the Golden Gate Bridge for the view

    going out on a tour of wine country with a friend who lived there (thankfully, he had a car and everything)

    checking out the babes at Berkeley (kind of a personal favorite and not quite San Francisco proper).

    There are a couple of other "tourist trap" standards like the piers and such, but am guessing any Bay Area natives around here can probably answer this better than I could.
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    FISHERMAN'S WARF! I love that place! Fresh fish, straight out of the SF bay.

    Also, you should check out China Town. You could get great deals on stuff there.

    If you go to the bay, at night, you could see the moon refelected on the bay. It's really pretty. My mom's friend took us there once...
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    use BART when getting around town, it's a great mass transit system...see alcatraz if you can too...
    and since you are a gal Entropia, you may like the Esprit outlet there...in 1990 when i visited, great clothes were dirt cheap...
  6. Apr 9, 2003 #5
    never go there,
    longing to visit Chicago first.
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    1) Do *NOT* walk down Mission Street late at night.
    2) Berkeley is a carnival, wandering around the student area south of the university is loads of fun.
    3) There is a touristy Ghiradelli zone near the bay, it's rather pretty.
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