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Sandwich Aerospace Engineering courses in UK universities

  1. Apr 25, 2010 #1
    In a few years time I will be applying to colleges and universities and I've been thinking of applying to UK universities to study aeronautical engineering. I've been looking at different courses and the aeronautical/aerospace engineering programs in the following universities have caught my attention: Surrey, Bristol, Southampton, Sheffield, Bath and Loughborough. Also I've been planning on applying for the MEng (master of engineering) courses. And from those six Surrey, Sheffield, Bath and Loughborough interest me the most because they offer sandwich courses as well. For those who do not know what a sandwich course is, it is a course that involves a placement year in the aerospace industry.

    I am curious that has anyone here studied aeronautical engineering (or other courses) at those six universities I mentioned. And does it help a lot to get a job (after graduation) if you have completed a placement year as part of your degree?

    In addition I'm myself from Finland and I've been planning on completing my conscription in the Finnish Air Force after I have graduated high school. I have planned to apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Non-commissioned Officer Course in the Finnish Air Force.

    I was just wondering that would this experience in the Air Forces increase my admission chances in UK universities.

    All suggestions and advice are welcome! And I would like to thank in advance everyone who is replying to this thread.
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