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Santa Fe Institute

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    http://www.santafe.edu/research/topics-physics-complex-systems.php [Broken]
    Santa Fe Institute Research Topics - Physics of Complex Systems
    http://www.santafe.edu/research/topics-innovation-evolutionary-systems.php [Broken]
    Santa Fe Institute Research Topics - Emergence & Innovation in Evolutionary Systems
    http://www.santafe.edu/research/topics-living-systems-dynamics.php [Broken]
    Santa Fe Institute Research Topics - Emergence, Organization, and Dynamics of Living Systems

    So I was looking at the Santa Fe Institute's website and WOW, the research there is REALLY interesting. Does anyone know how difficult it is to get in there for grad student research? Does anyone have personal experience with it?
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    Find an affiliated professor whose work interests you and then apply to whatever university they work at.
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