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News Sara Palin speech

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    She delivered her speech quite well. Half way decent timing, speech writer had some good zingers, and the newborn turned a couple million votes in an instant. All in all ... I was impressed. All the piling on over the last few days just got tossed out the window. We have a race!
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    As an independent Alaskan, I found myself rolling my eyes a lot
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    I didn't really think her speech was all too good. Who would have a speech writer? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of you as a possible candidate? It should be her views, her opinion, not the writers.
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    Since when does a candidate write their own speech?
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    Can you provide the video link?
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    I would if I were running. Isn't that what they're suppose to do? They are running for high positions, they should at least assert every situation with their own work. Why else are we voting for them?
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    They don't have time to write a speech. A good speech takes a lot of time. Obamas speech was probably worked on for weeks, if not months. At this stage of the process, every word is carefully chosen. Thats also why debates are few, because you can lose an election just by using the wrong word.
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    Its been too long. They ought to write their own speechs. Maybe we could make it a law or something.
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    Voting based on popularity. I want people to mess up, I want people to choke up on a few issues being presented. I want to make sure that who I'm choosing is the best choice, and not a facade. I see the point though, but I disagree with it.
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    I'd like them to write their own speeches too, but how ya gonna know they wrote it? A speech writers job is to write a speech around the person, so for the most part that speech is the person.

    Always keep in mind, this is a popularity contest. It says so in the rules. Not really, but yeah really!! Thats what needs to be changed (the constitution).

    At any rate - she gave a good speech as far as the majority of americans are concerned IMO.
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    The ability to write an uplifting speech is not what governing is about. Let writers write and let leaders lead. If they read it, that means they (claim to) mean it. Besides, it's not what they say that counts, it's what they do. If you really want to know what they will do then don't listen to what they say, look at what they have done.
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    An analysis I heard this morning was that she (and the GOP ticket) don't have a message, so they end up blaming (or bashing) the media, and other people, rather than provide a substantive discussion of issues, like taxes, government, education, national security, trade, . . . . I heard excerpts, and it sounded like the same old empty rhetoric. McCain and Palin sound like they are offering 4 more years of the current situation - especially if they want to cut taxes even more.

    Attacks, praise stretch truth at GOP convention
    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080904/ap_on_el_pr/cvn_fact_check [Broken]

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    Here are some of the statements and blatant lies made by Palin and some other Republicans over the past weeks.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080904/ap_on_el_pr/cvn_fact_check [Broken]

    Very good article!

    The #1 reason why I would never be a republican is because of there war on science and it seems like intellect in general. Today you have to sound like a complete retard in order to become nominated for republican president and admitting to reading a book automatically puts you with the rugelach munching "elite". I would never vote for a party that has as prerequisite for its supporters to be ill-informed and clueless.
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    Speech writers have been around for over 2000 years; there were professional speech writers even in antique Athens and most of the techniques used today were developed in Greece and later Rome (by e.g. Cicero).
    The only modern politician that I know of who (successfully) wrote most of his own speeches is Churchill.
    Writing a good speech is very difficult and most politicians would be very bad at it.
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    For what its worth: I saw some political historian discussing this issue: he made the point that one of the reasons speech writers are required in modern times is that political leaders, esp. Presidents while in office, appear and speak in public much, much more often today, up 2-3 times a day every working day on unrelated events, than say one hundred years ago. Its impossible for an individual to maintain that pace w/ any coherency.
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    Like all convention speeches, this one was crap. Just a predictable sequence of applause lines, partisan ideology and cheap shots at Obama, without the slightest substance or conviction. A geriatric "maverick" and an inexperienced Alaskan beauty queen running as Incumbents For Change? Looks like a loser to me.
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    Remember the 2004 convention speech of then Illinois Sen. Obama was his enabler. No 2004 speech, no star. By the 'the speech writer deserves the credit' logic, speech writer Jon Favreau should be the D. nominee.
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