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Sat Help

  1. Oct 12, 2004 #1
    Hey....i'm about to take the PSATs in a week...any tricks w. the math aspect?
    I'm in calc...so i figure that'll help
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    Tom Mattson

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    It won't. :biggrin:

    Seriously, the math section of the SAT covers arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry. You should also expect 1-2 questions on very basic probability and statistics.

    The best tips I can give you are these:

    1. Don't do any algebra. If you have an equation, just plug the answers in and take the one that satisfies it.

    2. Draw pictures for geometry questions.

    3. Be wary of "extreme" answers (high or low), particulrly when words such as least and greatest are in boldface. Those bold words are there to draw your attention to the lowest and highest numerical answers, respectively.

    4. The exam gets steadily more difficult as you move through a subsection of the exam (except for Grid-In questions). For instance if you are in the Problem Solving subsection of a section, you can count on the first problem being the easiest and the last being the most difficult. Just know that the first and the last problems are worth the same, so don't waste too much time on the last ones.

    I used to teach for The Princeton Review, so if you have any specific questions let me know.
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    thx..hoping to get the National merit, so i'm busting myself to find every trick, beside just knowing the information
  5. Oct 13, 2004 #4

    also take notice that he said PSAT, which isn't the SAT at all, it's only a test for mostly juniors to show how you will do on the SAT and to qualify you for the National Merit Scholar Award.

    I just took it today. I missed 2 questions on the math!!!!! One of those things that you figure out after you turn it in. They were the "dumb" mistakes, like not taking into account an even number or reducing wrong.

    Yeah, I hope I got the award too. But I figure since I made a couple stupid mistakes, I'm out of the running.

    Paden Roder
  6. Oct 13, 2004 #5
    Yeah--- I was stupid when I was a junior about the PSATS I didn't realize how much money there is associated with it... I tried in the math and just half did the other 2 so I could relax and enjoy the day off....

    the result

    Perfect Score in math

    not even close in English and Reading

    dont' worry about the math its very easy stuff... easier than even SAT
    just relax

    it matters more to study the area u are weekest in even if you dont' get a perfect in math you won't probably miss very many focus on the other two sections
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    Tom Mattson

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    I taught PSAT courses too. It's written by the same people (ETS), and draws from the same pool of problems. The only difference is that it's shorter, and it doesn't use the difficult problems. But all the SAT strategies work for the PSAT.
  8. Oct 14, 2004 #7
    Well my friend is taking that one class you used to help teach tom.. BUT 1k for it =/?.. i know you can get half of that paid through aid.. but still. 500$

    IS IT REALLY WORTH it.. do you think you could teach me the basics of what they taught there?.. though now with the new SAT=/
  9. Oct 14, 2004 #8

    Tom Mattson

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    That depends on what you want, and how hard you are willing to work. Some of my students went up by 200 points overall. Is that worth a grand to you?

    I can offer tips and answer questions of course. But teaching the course online is a major time committment which I don't think I can make.

    Unless you've got $1000, that is. :biggrin:
  10. Oct 18, 2004 #9
    I'm really thinking about taking the SAT at very beginning of senior year.. would this hurt me in any way... I mean if I do bad (which I'm not planning on doing) I would still have one more chance at it..... but I really plan on taking it once, just dont think this is my year.
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