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SAT II Physics Kaplan book

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    I'm about to take the SAT II physics in Oct. I bought the Kaplan review book for it but found that I have not learned a lot of the things covered in the test, I have only taken first year physics and I am taking AP physics right now. We have not yet covered circuits, magnetic fields, ray optics and a few other things. Mainly, first year physics is mostly mechanics. I know that if I study a bit I can get the gist of most of the new topics. But how much in depth do I need to know them? Can anyone with experience with this test tell me how it's like? I noticed that even if you miss 10 questions, you can still score an 800-which might mean that the test is hard.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    I graduated high school last year and took the SAT II Physics test as a senior. When I took the test, I had only taken first year physics as well. There were several topics the test covers that I hadn't learned, so I got a bunch of study guides from my library and tried to teach myself the extra topics.

    The test definitely has questions about magnetic fields and optics; I'm not sure how much "depth" you'd need to know them for the test though. Take as many practice tests as you can get your hands on and see how well you do on those types of problems. Make sure you study the review guide's sections on those types of problems. The review guides definitely help, so take advantage of them.

    Having only taken first year physics when I took the test, I thought the test was hard. I wish I had taken physics sooner in high school so I could have had more preparation. But if you study hard for it, it's not impossible to get an 800 especially since you don't have to be perfect and can still miss a lot of questions. Hope that helps a little!
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    I was about 6 weeks into AP physics: mechanics and had had algebra-based mechanics/optics in 9th grade when I took the SAT 2. I bought the sparknotes book on the test and ended up scoring a 770 by cramming all week. I gurantee I didn't know much more about E/M than the lorentz force law and like charges repel.
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