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SAT only?

  1. Aug 19, 2010 #1
    Hi, for admissions into American universities, is SAT the only standardized test that is required?

    If so, why is it that the math questions in SAT do not appear to cover a whole lot. I noticed that there is no calculus and trigonometric functions are not tested.

    Also, is there no requirement for a student to take any of the physical sciences for SAT?
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    It's been a while, but as I recall most schools either require the SAT or the ACT, and some of the more selective schools require SATII subject tests. And yes, the math on the SAT is very basic because most high school students in the U.S. won't even take calculus
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    Typically in the US algebra 2 and/or trigonometry is considered college ready so that is what the SAT tests.
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    Like kai0 mentioned, a few schools require the ACT, and you may have to take the TOEFL. Check the school you're interested in to see which tests are required.

    The SAT is for all students aspiring to attend college - that means those wanting to study art, music, drama, literature, Japanese literature...the whole spectrum, not just those interested in science and math. A student wanting to study dance would not be expected to take math beyond the minimum high school requirement, so the test doesn't go beyond that.

    No, there is no requirement to take physical science for the SAT, but high school graduation requirements do have a science requirement.

    A student interested in studying science or engineering in college is expected to go well beyond the minimum math and science requirements for high school graduation, even if the SAT doesn't cover subjects beyond the basics.
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    In some countries, college admissions tests are an all-or-nothing deal... get above a certain score and you're in, below that, you're not.

    The SAT is not like that at all, and is only considered to be one factor in an admission decision. And since it applies to *all* majors as lisab said, it doesn't test mathematics skill in great depth.
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