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SAT tips

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    hi, i have my SAT exams this saturday. i was wondering whether anyone would be having some tips concerning the test. I'm an international student (from mauritius). my mathematics is ok, but the english section might be hard, specially for words i never met before!
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    work through a practice book.
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    This site might help. The difficulty level increases as you answer more questions correctly. Plus, every time you give a correct answer they make a donation of rice to charity - paid for by the advertisers.

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    i have worked the practice book. i was looking more for tips!! lol

    thanks for the freerice link.... it should help!!!
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    I always try to visualize or interpret meaning from their sound (works most of times).
    e.g. plausible = possible = something not bad = valid
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    that's a terrible method. modern languages don't work like that. better to take a word apart to figure out it's meaning.

    what is your first language? french? creole? urdu?
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    I took the SAT a while back, and my only advice would be:

    1. Build up your vocabulary. I didn't do so great on my Reading Comprehension/Critical Reading because I didn't know many words. Also, make sure you know English grammar very well.

    2. Practice going through the questions quickly. In both the Reading Comprehension/Critical Reading parts I was barely finishing, and sometimes I didn't have time to finish all of the questions. However, if you know your stuff well, it won't be too bad. (I finished all my math sections with at least 5-10 minutes still left.)
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