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SAT writing test topic

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    hi, i had my SAT exam today. The topic was: Can the past influence the present?

    there was an example i included in the essay, which now i'm feeling unsure about. I talked about the holocaust (past event) and the recent apology of Angela Merkel to the jews (present). and i also talked about the Australian prime minister taking measures to restore the integrity of the australian natives who were victims of many atrocities.

    can these be taken as examples of past events influencing the present?
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    Yes. They are also examples of the present acting on the future.
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    thanks :) i'm feeling better....
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    That was seriously the topic? You could have mentioned how you sharpened your pencil earlier and were hence able to answer the question, a clear proof that the past can influence the present.
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    They aren't looking for very deep, factual information with these types of questions. The whole point is to show you can write a persuasive argument with proper grammar, spelling, organization, etc. Yes, you could have written it on sharpening your pencil earlier. They aren't trying to stump you on the topic, just give you something to write about.
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    very funny :)
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