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SATA drive

  1. Mar 3, 2006 #1
    I just bought a sata drive for my computer and i connected everthing. i am trying to install windows on this drive. the drive is detected and everything but windows installation does not detect it and as a result the installation process is cancelled. i even turned off the primary ide interface. any suggestions for solving this problem?
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    What exactly does it say? Is it not finding the drive or just not finding a partition? Did you partition it yet? What kind of hard drive is it? For some hard drive configurations you have to load the appropriate drivers when the windows installation starts.
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    it occured to me that I should try installing linux instead, and that's just what I did with no problems. so i'll probably try to figure out windows sometime later.
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    is either 2 problem if im not wrong? Your motherboard supports sata hard drive? 2nd this i suggest you got to the bios mode and detect your hard disk and then trying installing windows by fully reformating the hard disk.
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    well in the bios there isn't anything like a primary sata drive, it is just ide related stuff. however i installed ubuntu linux just fine.
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    Is the SATA drive connected to the motherboard directly or to an add-in card. If it is connected to the motherboard directly, it must show up in "boot order". If not, it will be viewed as a raid card and you have to have that selected in the "boot order" menu.

    What motherboard do you have?
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    It is connected directly to the motherboard. I have a MSI 661FM3 motherboard.
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    Windows does not have sata drivers, you need to supply those during the installation by hitting F6 when asked for 3rd party drivers.
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    This is how i installed linux and windows on my sata disk.
    Note : Your bios should have facility to run your sata in both ide and raid mode.

    1. Disconnect all other drives if you have any at all.
    2. Start your computer and go to bios and set your sata disk in IDE mode
    3. Install windows. It should happily detect your sata disk now.
    4. Install your linux after this, so that grub detects the windows partitions and stuff.
    5. Once you are done installing both the OSes, restart your computer and goto bios and set the sata disk to RAID mode. (Do not connect the other drives as of yet.)
    7. After setting to RAID mode, check whether the grub is getting loaded from the SATA disk.
    8. If the grub got loaded successfully in step 7, then simply connect your other drives and enjoy your new speedy OS running on SATA.

    -- AI
    Some issues i had to face at times.
    1. If your windows crashes at times, the grub may not get detected (just hoping it doesnt happen to you as well). In that case, just disconnect the other drives and just let sata be connected. Restart the PC, and check whether the grub is loaded. Mostly it would, shut down the system and then connect your other drives and restart, it should be fine.
    2. Now even after disconnecting all drives and restarting the PC, the grub doesnt get loaded, then at this point, switch to IDE mode and restart. This time it should definitely load the grub. Once it does, restart the PC, switch back to RAID mode. Check if grub gets loaded. It will. Then connect all your drives back and restart and run the PC.

    :p I know this is all fiddly, but its happening to me, and i am not able to put my finger on the exact cause of this.

    -- AI
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    Tenali I don't think that my board allows the running of the sata drives in the dual raid-ide mode so i'll have to find a floppy drive (can't believe i have to use that thing) and try what Triss recommended.
  12. Mar 10, 2006 #11
    Are you sure? Windows XP Professional SP2 should have included all latest drivers.
  13. Mar 12, 2006 #12
    I think he's right because I was using a sp2 disk and it did not have the drivers. I did get it to work after finding a floppy drive.
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