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Satan is an idiot.

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    Let me explain. Here we have the situation : The universe was just created along with the angels, etc. Lucifer among them. Everyday we make choices in our lives. Just like us , Satan made a choice. He chose to defy God - BIG MISTAKE! Although all of us defy Him as well, it is a little harder for us since we cannot see God directly. We mostly see the effects of His intervention. But Lucifer could see God. And yet he still chose to defy Him. I know if God was sitting on His throne in front of me and I could feel and see his infinite power, there would be no way that I will EVER deviate from His path. Satan is smart in another category though : deception. And this becomes more and more evident as I read through these forums. I am praying for all of you.
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    I agree, he is an idiot.
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    Some might even say it’s impossible.
    Would you just remain on your knees, frightened to death, for eternity?
    Thanks for the thought.
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    OMG - Now here's to people we DON'T need here at the forums.

    Shadows claims (in another forums) that he sees things floating in front of him!

    Singularity claims that science is run by satan as a deception!
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    What are you taking about? I have never said that! Are you so disillusioned you would make up lies about me to make you look better? I am reporting that to a mentor.

    Note: I have posted three times since i joined yesterday and there are two posts in this thread and one in the differences between sciences and religion thread. in neither of them did i say what LA said i did and if he means another website I have no idea what he is talking about because I only belong to this forums and the astronomy magazine forum (and on the astronomy website I use a name different than this)
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    No, not a mistake at all, but a birth of an intellect. Satan was the first not-so-much-idiot-to-believe-in-supertitions-like-God(s).
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    No, I am an antifan of belivers in superstions. Their closed mind makes me smiling.

    I am just an average atheist (=believer is facts and logic).

    Knowledge is power, ignorance is darkness.
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    Ok, I removed it.
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    Alexander. No. Ignorance is disbelieving and disbelieving CAN lead to darkness but that is not to say it will. Knowledge is power yes but Wisdom is the circuit that uses the power. Did you take the Knowledge is power thing from my old signiture? (just asking)
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    this thread is idiotic...
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