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Homework Help: Satellite in a circular orbit

  1. Sep 27, 2007 #1
    You will need to use the Momentum Principle to do the first part of this problem, and the Energy Principle to do the second part.

    A satellite of mass 6500 kg orbits the Earth in a circular orbit of radius of 8.4 106 m (this is above the Earth's atmosphere).The mass of the Earth is 6.0 1024 kg.

    What is the speed of the satellite?

    What is the minimum amount of energy required to move the satellite from this orbit to a location very far away from the Earth?
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    That is to say, you need to use them. The forum rules require you to show the readers here at least what you tried to do to work on the problems.

    Are you saying that they want you to derive the orbital speed of the satellite starting from basic principles? Or are you allowed to use certain equations that were derived in your course?
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    The minimun energy.

    Could someone please answer the question on how to get the minimun energy that was just asked please, explain in full detail.

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