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Homework Help: Satellite in space

  1. Oct 29, 2014 #1
    Q1 Why does a satellite(or any space capsule etc) moving in a stable circular orbit around earth behaves like a freely falling body??

    Q2 Why do the astronauts in these capsules are said to be in weightless condition??

    i m not much convinced with the solutions to my doubts so i would appreciate if i can get a much satisfactory answer.....
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    I'm interested to hear your attempted solutions.

    But isn't a satellite in a stable orbit freely falling? I mean, perhaps a satellite in a stable orbit behaves like a freely falling body because it is a freely falling body?

    Also, you might want to throw in something about the centripetal force somewhere along the way.
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    If these are questions you've been given, you need to post your own attempts at answers.
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