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Satellite spying

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    What all ways can someone look inside a building (through walls, concrete) with use of a satellite and the electromagnetic spectrum. What I mean to say is, which all spectrums of the electromagnetic spectrum can be used to do such a thing? I can attest to it that someone is doing it and I just can't figure out how (lack of knowledge? I've already assumed).

    And if it is in fact possible, is there anyway to counter it? And, is the usage of a Neurophone with satellites possible? And, is there any way of countering or jamming the frequencies on which Neurophones operate? And, is it possible to give someone a severe headache with a Neurophone or any other sort of similar technology?

    Any guidance/advise would be very much appreciated.
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    If I tell you, would you promise to only use this power for good, not evil?
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    What about those people who are doing this? Wonder who would ask them and when.

    Anyhow, promised. Will use it for good. =)
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    Tough to say, even if the technology to see through solid concrete walls exists, I doubt they can get a big enough satellite up there. X-Ray would be my best bet, but remember that X-Rays are very inefficient, thus the big bulky machines. As far as a way to counter it, if you can find a material that prevents the wavelengths of the emf to penetrate it, you can possibly build an effective Faraday cage.

    Neurophones? I've never heard of that before, but I do know that the military has built a couple of non-lethal weapons aimed to confuse and overwhelm your senses. Although these things are not attached on a satellite way up there.

    I'm more interested how you came up with this question? Worried about your privacy? Or are you planning to spy on someone? Hehehe... I think if anyone knows the answer to your question, he/she would not be able to tell you.
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    Yep, I don't either, but I will keep looking around. I didn't just come up with the question, it is actually happening. Started off with chatroom harassment(Dalnet, Undernet), and lead to this.

    I do realize, however, that the way I've assumed it to be it may not be so. But, I know for a fact that it is being done.

    If anyone is interested in more details I am more than willing to provide them. Everything as I know and the best to my knowledge.

    It's nothing to laugh or chuckle at, really. As long as you're not in it, you just don't get it.
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    I suppose it's not unfathomable to think of something like that to exist, but I just think it's highly impractical to do so.
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    unplug your webcam
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    You mean you, personally, can attest to it?

    Seems to me, either up your dosage or add another layer of tinfoil and you'll be all set. :biggrin:

    All seriousness aside:
    - IR detectors can definitely get a good idea of what's gfoing on inside buildings (or is that just in the movies)?
    - lasers can read the vibrations off exterior windows that "hear" voices within.
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    tin foil hat
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    Add to that the spying on conversations, right down to the slightest whisper or, perhaps, picked up on the Nerophone. Either way, now crunch this, a private thought you only know you had yesterday turns up in the daily newspaper the next day in the form of an advertisement or some other attention grabbing text. Paranoia, coincidence or spying? To help you decide, multiply all that by the number of days in 8 months and, not to forget, on chatrooms in form of a nickname, or a conversation between nicks. And, the "people" or anonymous as they like to be called, spitting out text like "...no trace left behind" "...dust up the trail" etc. etc.

    And an answer your assumption, it isn't impractical. To knowledge-craving hackers it is very practical.
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    It has a catchy tune...
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    lithium carbonate taken orally will block the signals. just drink plenty of water.
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    Yeah, and don't smoke after taking the lithium....unless you are celebrating something....

    But I would say that a Faraday cage of some sort would be the way to go...

    If you haven't seen this, you might like it:
    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120660/ (Enemy of the State)
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    Still sitting here waiting for someone who is willing to actually think on what all I've said and take me seriously. It's not a joke. It is true. It probably isn't the exact way (word to word) as I've described it here but it is happening.

    I am asking for someone to help me, not mock me.
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    assuming you're not just here to troll, seriously, go to the doctor
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    Well, you have had a few serious suggestions. Given how little detail you've given us about the problem, I think the quality and quantity of solutions we've been able to offer isn't unexpected. You can just ignore all the ribbing.

    Is there some reason you can't give us specifics? If you want solutions, meet us halfway, otherwise we'll put no more effort into it than do you.
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    Yeah - they're reading his thoughts! :biggrin:
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    I can't give you specifics because it's not that well documented and I'm do not have PhD in physics and in-depth understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum. I have, though, spent a lot of time in researching this but the only piece of information that I found on satellite spying that talks about civilians or the average individual's capability to using any such thing or to manipulate and use any such thing is on this website: << link to crackpot website deleted by berkeman >>

    Other than that, it's all government.
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    I agree with DaveC, with what little detail you've given us so far, we did our best. Judging from the amount of time you claimed you have spent over this subject matter, did you really expect someone to come out and tell you all about it on this forum? Really, you give us too much credit!

    I mentioned that it's impractical, and it's true for people who REALLY wants to know it might be invaluable for them. But from the satellite approach, I just cannot imagine how it would justify the cost of sending something like that up in space. You'd need something with a big enough lens and a big enough electromagnetic generator to be able to shoot it through the atmosphere and have it BOUNCE BACK for the satellite to examine what it's looking at.

    We already have very good optical satellites capable of identifying people walking in the streets. If you really need to know about something inside a building, why go the extra effort when you can send a crack team in just as fast and as efficient for maybe a fraction of the cost??
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    As far as I know, there is no current technology that can "see through walls" from a satellite (we can't really do it on the ground either). Passive information may be able to be gleaned from infrared, but there just isn't any technology that can shoot a signal through a wall, get it to bounce off something behind the wall, and then get useful information back (especially when the composition of the wall and the thing you're trying to see on the other side is unknown).

    X-rays have been mentioned, but that just isn't a possibility either... Sure X-rays can go through semi-dense materials, but to use a detector to generate an image you have to have an X-ray source on the other side of the object being "scanned," which of course isn't an option when you're looking down from space.

    And as for the "mind reading" thing, well, maybe this whole thread needs to be moved to Skepticism and Debunking...
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