SatFinder SatLink WS-6903

  1. Hello. In a radiotelescope application I need to get the detected signal in a SatFinder WS-6903. probably just before digitizing and display. If someone owns the schematics or knows where is this point on PCB ...
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    At those frequencies, I doubt there is a point where you can easily tap off a signal. Do they make any versions with a USB interface or some other way to communicate with the microprocessor inside?
  4. Hi. In fact I did that job already on more classical sat finder with analog display (µ amp meter) . This one is more complicated, with many smd and double face components. Finally it's always the same chain :filtering, voltage doubling (Schottky diodes), amplification, display. I really need an experienced reply for this device, or better the schematics.
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    are you after the signal content or just its amplitude as in AGC ?
  6. Hi. I only need its amplitude, as I wrote it's a simple detection (AGC is a good example). Problem is that on my new sat finder WS-6903 there are to many components (µcontroller ...) and to find the place of this signal is not an easy game to play
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