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Homework Help: Sattellites and circular orbit

  1. Oct 10, 2011 #1
    For a satellite in circular orbit above earth, state how the following properties depend on radius?
    a) period
    b) kinetic energy
    c) speed

    This is the question i need help with folks... I've answered it using words so far (correct me if i'm wrong) but i'm wondering how i could go about this using algebra?

    My answers:

    a) it affects the period because the larger the radius of a planet, the longer it will take for another object to complete a full cycle. and vice versa.

    b) .. not sure yet lol

    c) ""

    please help me out :(
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    Way wrong so far. The radius they are talking about is radius of the orbit, not the radius of the planet. Leave that fixed. If you want to use algebra try equating the centripetal acceleration of the satellite to the gravitational force on the satellite. I.e. Newton law F=ma.
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