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Homework Help: Saturated solution of NaC1

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    need answer....plz help me

    . At 250C., 100 ml. of a saturated solution of NaC1 is in equilibrium with 1.0 gram
    of solid NaC1. The concentration of the solution will be changed most when:
    1) 80 ml of water are added to the solution;
    2) additional solid NaC1 is added to the solution;
    3) the pressure of the solution is increased;
    4) the temperature of the solution is decreased 50C......reply soon
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    Think about it. Look up the defenition of a saturated solution. Do temprature and/or pressure effect the concentration? Put a little effort into it.
    Sounds like homework to me.
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    Look here. Does temperature affect the solubility of NaCl by much?

    How much more NaCl will be in solution when 80 mL is added to 100 mL? (think about it in terms of fractions or percent more)

    Would pressure affect the solubility of an ionic solid in a liquid? (assume the liquid is noncompressible)
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    Answer is 1 i think.

    1) Adding more water to the mixture dissolves more of the NaCl(s).
    2) Adding more NaCl(s) will not change the concentration as the solution is already saturated.
    3) Pressure will not have much change over the concentration of the solution.
    4)Temp is decreased...NO. More liquid dissolved when temperature is increased.

    Relatively i think (1) has more effect, as you are increasing the volume of the water by 80%.

    Please correct me if i am wrong.
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