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Saudi Arabia vs Ukraine

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    0-3 to Ukraine a few minutes into the second half. The Saudi keeper is having a shocker! I think Ukraine have a planned strategy to shoot from distance.
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    Well, so far they're still doing better than their first game in 2002 where no German player was tackled in the first half.
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    Thats more like it from Ukraine.. I always rated this team...
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    4-0, what a trimming. The Ukrainians were furious and the arabs took the rap
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    I'm so sick of the announcers referring to Ukraine as the Ukraine. If you're going to do that then start saying the Spain, the Saudi Arabia, and the Tunisia
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    ...and the Gambia!

    I think "the Ukraine" is like an elliptic hangover from the days when you'd say something like "the Soviet Republic of Ukraine".
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