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News Saudi Oil Infrastructure Rigged For Catastrophic Self Destruction

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    Embargoed Book Claims Saudi Oil Infrastructure Rigged For Catastrophic Self Destruction

    By Huffington Post

    05/10/05 "HP" - - According to a new book exclusively obtained by the Huffington Post, Saudi Arabia has crafted a plan to protect itself from a possible invasion or internal attack. It includes the use of a series of explosives, including radioactive “dirty bombs,” that would cripple Saudi Arabian oil production and distribution systems for decades.

    Bestselling author Gerald Posner lays out this “doomsday scenario” in his forthcoming Secrets of the Kingdom: The Inside Story of the Saudi-US Connection (Random House).

    According to the book, which will be released to the public on May 17, based on National Security Agency electronic intercepts, the Saudi Arabian government has in place a nationwide, self-destruction explosive system composed of conventional explosives and dirty bombs strategically placed at the Kingdom’s key oil ports, pipelines, pumping stations, storage tanks, offshore platforms, and backup facilities. If activated, the bombs would destroy the infrastructure of the world’s largest oil supplier, and leave the country a contaminated nuclear wasteland ensuring that the Kingdom’s oil would be unusable to anyone. The NSA file is dubbed internally Petro SE, for petroleum scorched earth.

    To make certain that the damaged facilities cannot be rebuilt, the Saudis have deployed crude Radioactive Dispersal Devices (RDDs) throughout the Kingdom. Built covertly over several years, these dirty bombs are in place at -- among other locations -- all eight of the Kingdom’s refineries, sections of the world’s largest oil field at Ghawar, and at three of the ten indispensable processing towers at the largest-ever processing complex at Abqaiq.

    etc etc


    WOW that's straight out of sci-fi or something! No wonder the Saudi royal family says "who's your daddy" to US presidents!
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    The best way to avoid an american invasion.......
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    Oddly enough I believe it was designed to keep Iraq from invading and taking their oil... This rung a bell from an article i read about 5 or 6 years back...
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    Worked in Saudi Arabia ten years or so, part of the time on ARAMCO projects, and I believe the tale is a load of pfft! It makes a good story, but I will not bother to read it.

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