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Sauna in a library

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    I just read that the city is planning to build a public unisex sauna to the balcony of the main library. What kind of stuff do you have in your libraries?
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    Books ?
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    I strongly believe that there are also books in the library. Not in the sauna though.
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    I can't imagine a sauna in a library. Mine does have a little coffee/bakery shop in it, but your not allowed to bring books into that area.
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    I also can't imagine a sauna attached to a library. Our university library has a Starbucks in it... and we are allowed to take our yummies everywhere (in the computer-lab/commons or in the stacks).
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    I can't imagine free a sauna in a library.
    If it's not free and you can't take your books to there then that's no more than a sauna near a library.

    My all libraries have wireless internet - only thing I care about :) Most of them are near shopping complexes from where you can get almost anything. And one library building has a swimming pool! - one that's closest to my home.
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    In the old days there were many public saunas, since people didn't have their own, to improve the city hygiene situation. But maybe the idea is to get academic sauna discussions going. I think the idea is kind of funny, while trying to create more social interaction and draw more people to educate themselves.
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    Homeless people :frown:.
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    Technically there are no homeless in the city with the exception of willing homelessness. Even if that would get homeless there, surely it's a better place than the gutter?
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    I believe the politically correct term is 'grad-student'
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