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Save Bacon from becoming bacon!

  1. Mar 9, 2004 #1
    Stop Coral Reef High From Auctioning “Pet” Pig for Slaughter


    Please take action before March 16!

    Coral Reef Senior High School’s Future Farmers of America Club is raising a pig, derisively named “Bacon,” with the intention of auctioning her off to the highest bidder in order to generate funds for the school. The auction is set to take place at the Miami-Dade County Fair on March 20. PETA became aware of the event after being contacted by students at the school who, after becoming attached to “Bacon,” are desperately trying to raise funds to save the animal’s life and send her to a sanctuary.

    Encouraging students to raise an animal, letting them grow fond of her, and then teaching them that it is acceptable to dispose of the animal to make a quick buck desensitizes them to the suffering of others. The manner in which “Bacon” was raised at the school does little to “train” the students to work on factory farms and, in fact, misrepresents the reality of the current practices used on intensive feedlots.

    Coral Reef Senior High School is a new, $32.3 million facility built on more than 59 acres of land. The school generates thousands of dollars from soda and candy sales and other fundraising activities. There is no need for the school to resort to cruel and insensitive teaching practices that foster insensitivity and apathy toward the well-being of animals.

    Please write to the principal of Coral Reef High School and School Board member Betsy Kaplan, urging them to put an end to curriculum and fundraising activities that use and dispose of live animals. Tell them to listen to students who demand that “Bacon” be permitted to live out her life at a sanctuary and save her from her current path to slaughter. Help force the Miami-Dade School Board to enact a policy that puts an end to lessons that condone violence and disrespect for life:

    School Board Member Betsy Kaplan
    Miami-Dade County Public Schools
    1450 N.E. Second Ave.
    Miami, FL 33132

    Adrienne F. Leal, Principal
    Coral Reef Senior High School
    10101 S.W. 152nd St.
    Miami, FL 33157
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  3. Mar 9, 2004 #2

    it's great that you are involved in assisting these students who have evidently come to a different realization than what they have been expected to.

    i have written to the principal and the board as per your post and enclose that letter below.

    in friendship,

    To: Adrienne F. Leal, Principal
    Cc: Betsy Kaplan
    Re: Bringing the Bacon home

    With regards to the fate of Bacon, may I suggest that there is more at stake here than the life of one pig or the precedent set by showing mercy to a creature that was admittedly purchased for the pending fate that awaits him.

    In education, our goal should not be to churn out automatons that compliantly conform to the existing system. Rather the whole purpose of education is to develop character in those we teach through meaningful experiences, that they may contribute towards making that system a better one.

    In working to send Bacon to the sanctuary rather than to slaughter, some of your students have demonstrated the qualities of resourcefulness, perseverance, courage and even compassion. They are fighting on behalf of one who can't, even though they themselves will reap no reward for their efforts.

    Since Bacon was well cared for by the students, why not dignify their commitment and affection? There will be other pigs. However, this one, will symbolize much more than the mere auction monies involved. What will be shown is that your school can make an exception and not let the efforts of some of its dedicated students go in vain; that the hardworking can surmount difficult obstacles; that there are still many who recognize the fiery independence of those who take a stand for what they believe in.

    It is written that 'when God measures a person, He puts the tape around the heart and not the head'. Some of your students have very large hearts that will no doubt test the limits of even God's tape. Surely, in their honor, allowing Bacon to go to the sanctuary is the worthy thing to do.
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    physicsisphirst, that was beautiful!!
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    I find it interesting that I can't find any reference to this on google or on their website. I was wondering what the other side to this is, but now it's smelling of a hoax.
  6. Mar 10, 2004 #5
    Story in the Media

    Here is the story on NBC news in Miami...it is far from a hoax, it is very real to the students fighting for Bacon's life, and unfortunately even more real to Bacon herself. :(

    http://www.nbc6.net/education/2907952/detail.html [Broken]

    I trust you will find this a worthy cause for your time.
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  7. Mar 10, 2004 #6
    Screw that, i love bacon! heck if i lived out there i would buy her myself.
  8. Mar 10, 2004 #7
    A school is the worst place to do something like raising a pig for slaughter, because it teaches disconcern for other creatures.
  9. Mar 11, 2004 #8


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    Not neccesarily. Although I'm not sure that school is the place to teach children about raising and slaughtering animals...it is a reality. It beats the misperception that getting your meat from a sterile cooler at the grocery store gives.
    Years ago, when my youngest daughter was 5 or 6, I had a pig given to me for my birthday (to raise for meat). At the time we were also raising laying hens, ducks, goats for milk, cheese and to make soap. So, it was a natural addition to our little homestead. When our pig, who we aptly named "Dinner" became full grown..and quite a nuisance (that's another story though)We had the butcher pick him up and take him back for slaughter. Now, when we went to pick up our packaged meats...the kids knew what it was and where it came from. Well, the older boys weren't phased a bit and were looking forward to eating thick slabbed bacon, ham and ribs etc....my youngest daughter however was not so excited. In fact to this day she won't eat meat and we no longer raise ANY animals for slaughter as a result of her somewhat silent protest. So, I'm not sure we can always predict what something will teach our children but..one thing is for sure, many children haven't a clue where the meat in their fridge and on their plate comes from. Perhaps, this is not such a bad lesson after all. *shrug*
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    My mother grew up on a farm. Her dad had the philosophy, never name an animal you're going to eat.

  11. Mar 12, 2004 #10
    Thanks Evo. I hope it will do some good. It can be pretty lonely when you go against the mainstream.
  12. Mar 12, 2004 #11
    You may a good point of course. We have dissociated ourselves as much as possible from doing the dirty work.

    We get others to do the dirty work in places we never have to see. I think it was Paul McCartney who said 'If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.'
  13. Mar 12, 2004 #12
    That is understandable. Names draw us closer in identity and stir our conscience.

    Animal experimenters apparently number their victims.

    People do that sort of thing to each other too and where you would least expect it. At a vocational school where I used to teach, the general trend was to look down on the students who had been labelled 'dumb' in various ways. At 'normal' schools we usually referred to the students as 'our' kids. Here we called them 'these' kids. The particularly bad lot of behavioural problems that were kept out in the portable were referred to as 'those' kids. We did call them by their names though
  14. Mar 12, 2004 #13
    This is a Future Farmers of America class right? Dont Farmers raise and kill animals for food? Isnt that what they should learn?

    If killing animals is a problem for some kids then maybe they should take a different class like home-ec or something.
  15. Mar 13, 2004 #14
    Re: Re: Save Bacon from becoming bacon!

    Isn't part of building character learning that you sometimes have to encounter difficult experiences in life and live up to the burden of facing your responsibilities regardless of how hard that may be at the time?
    There isn't much that will build character more effectively than having to face up to a difficult task that you don't want to deal with.
    We should be teaching our children that, although compassion is an important trait, integrity also includes sometimes finding the strength to put your personal feelings aside to fulfil an obligation.
  16. Mar 13, 2004 #15
    "Disgustipation" Reverend Maynard James Keenan
  17. Mar 13, 2004 #16
    Honestly, if prok products weren't so damned tasty probably would be a vegetarian.
    Actually, a fruitarian.
    It's really pig alone that keeps me eating meat.

    But I still love the song!
  18. Mar 13, 2004 #17
    Compassion is a more important than value than mere duty or "responsibility." Perhaps, brutal dictators have really strong work ethics?

    When you find out that you are doing the wrong thing, it is your responsibility to stop doing what was previously considered your responsibility. One example (with a strong parallel to the current discussion) in a set of many: You work for the Soylent Greens company and just realized what the food that you are preparing actually is...

    I would say that exercising compassion is our most important responsibility.

    As for the carrots thing, do I really need to address that? Do you really think that that is a valid argument or are you just cracking jokes?
  19. Mar 14, 2004 #18
    Re: Re: Re: Save Bacon from becoming bacon!

    It depends on the responsibility, doesn't it? Just because you are expected to do something, doesn't mean that you should do it.. It hardly looks like not killing Bacon will bring your pork industry to rack and ruin either.

    If these kids feel obligated to saving this pig whom they have befriended, then that is what they should do regardless of what is expected of them.

    as for the poem - ?????????
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  20. Mar 14, 2004 #19
    Possibly not. It may have been a project sponsored by them in the school. Either way, some of the students evidently didn't accept the fate of their friend.
  21. Mar 14, 2004 #20
    who is this carrot man?
    he should be recruited for the cause!
    perhaps a breatherean?
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