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Save money?

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    Thinking of ways to save money i thought i would do my clothes washing
    on my bath night, so i have a bath, then use the same water with washing
    powder added, then use the stomp method, like grape squashing, to get my togs clean, aftere about 10 minutes stomping, i give them a another good stomping in cool fresh water, my 501 jeans all ways come up lovely and clean, i do not iron them i hang them up wet and pull all the creases out with
    the buttons done up, but tee shirts pants and any thing black are all ways
    covered in white bits, where the heck do they come from, cause i all ways
    wash my white woolie bed socks seperately?
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    jimmy p

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    It's the sock that got away. You think socks only disappear in the washing machine? You probably have a white sock hiding in one of your t-shirts.
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    Is the powder you use white?
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    Do you wash your cat in the same water before you wash your darks?:biggrin:
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    Dude, thats nasty. Do you save water by flushing every 3rd time? Your a pig.
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    do you have white fluffy things growing on your feet? try wearing ziploc baggies on your feet next time you stomp
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    Maybe instead of washing your clothes in your bath water, try using the detergent that works in cold water so you can save hot water usage.
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    If you don't have a washing machine, wash your clothes in a bath tub and stir it with a broom handle.

    If you really want to get extreme, you can save money by getting a rice cooker and basically living on rice, beans, and multivitamins. Rice is the cheapest food on the planet, beans are your protein and the multivitamin is to make up for your lack of vegetables; you don't want to get scurvy do you?
    You'll be amazed how much money you can save by living like a peasant. Food is so expensive...
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    Try turning the clothing inside out befor you wash them, and disolve the wash power in boiling hot water befor you add it to the tub. Also our bodies trap a fair amount of lint from wearing cloths, which of course ends up in the tub.

    And you should strive for more of a twist, then a grape stomp.
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