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Save'm Star's related Questions! Help Pz

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    Urgent HELP Star's related Questions!

    Good Morning, I need help to answer these questions if anyone out there knows the answer for them, please shout or type (whatever u prefer :rofl: )it a.s.a.p
    what are the few methods astronomers use to today to find what stars are made of ? (other than telescope?)

    if in the line spectrum, u see certain line, not the rest! is it correct to conclude the other elements are nt present in the star? why or whynot?
    thanks anyhoo
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    This website ought to get you started:

    http://www.astro.uiuc.edu/~kaler/sow/spectra.html [Broken]
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    The interior of a star generally produces continuum radiation, with no visible spectral features. The absorption lines you see in stellar spectra are actually due to that continuum light passing through elements in the cooler outer layers of the star.

    - Warren
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    Thankyou both, Good start for now.
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    After browsing the site, im still unsure for the answer :
    then how did they detected 90% hydrogen and Helium, at first place? if " "
    is there any chances of them (scientists) detecting any more elements if it is not the line spectrum? (I am annoying I know, but please try to help me comprehend this, will ya?)
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