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Saving problem in windows 8

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    Hi, I tried to save a file in windows 8 but there is problem. Could someone help me?

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    Are you the administrator of the system?
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    I assume you have tried to save some files using Matlab. Did you open it as an administrator?
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    Yes, you are right. I just used win key then write matlab and pressed enter and by this way how can I use it as an admin? This way is very quick to start it.
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    The fact that you own the computer is irrelevant. You have to be logged in as the administrator. If you did not specifically set that up properly when you first got the computer, that's where your problem is.
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    You should try to save your files in My Documents, not in c:\Program Files.

    W7 and W8 do strange things with directories.
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    How can I make windows assume me as the admin via control panel?
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    Through win key I write matlab and then by right clicking I try to run it as admin but that does not work. I can not run it as admin. Can you help me please.
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    The problem is not that you aren't running as admin. It is that you are trying to store files in the wrong place.

    If that "example" file is part of a tutorial example that comes with MATLAB, you should make a copy of it (probably somewhere in My Documents, as Borek said) before you start changing it.

    The only time you should be changing anything in C:Program Files is when you install new software on your PC.
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    But then why does it say "contact to admin to have permission" in the picture I added.
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    Because computers are not intelligent. Computer operating systems like Windows assume that if you want to do something, you know why you want to do it. The OS might stop you doing something by accident (which is what happened here) but if you really want to turn your computer into an oversized paperweight, Microsoft doesn't care.
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    Just as an aside, since Windows Vista, MS made a change to how user accounts work. Even though an account has admin rights, unless explicitly specified (usually running a command/program as admin) everything runs as if you are a limited account.

    Limited accounts (or User accounts) do not have permissions to write anywhere they like, they are restricted to only writing things to their own profile (my documents/my pictures/etc.) This is why MATLAB failed, it must have been running under a User context in which case the OS denied it access to the program files directory.
    That's also probably why the message saying contact admin popped up, your account is running like a limited user. It's microsoft's way of saying, "you need admin rights to do this."

    I would follow the advice of the other posters in this thread. Running programs with admin rights, is step 1 to turn your computer in to "an oversized paperweight" as AlephZero put it. You want to avoid it if at all possible.

    In this particular case, you need to be saving your .fig files under your documents folder as mentioned earlier. It's the safest and simplest solution to the problem.
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