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Saw a strange bug once

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    It was a small beetle like a Ladybug but it had back legs like a grasshopper and it jumped like one too. Any bug experts out there know of a hopping beetle?
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    Perhaps you saw a http://insects.tamu.edu/fieldguide/bimg180.html [Broken]. If you disturb them, they will jump.
    If you want to dig more, search using keywords such as: Coleoptera, jump, hop, & beetle
    There are variations in flea beetles markings Here are a few examples: image1, http://www.ento.csiro.au/aicn/images/cain2504.jpg [Broken], http://www.biosurvey.ou.edu/okwild/misc/images/fleabeet.jpg [Broken] and http://insects.tamu.edu/images/insects/common/images/b-txt/bimg180.html [Broken]

    Sidenote: Charles Darwin had a lifelong passion, collecting beetles. Coleptera is the largest http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/course/ent425/compendium/coleop~1.html [Broken] of all the insects, with more than 300,000 worldwide.
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    I want to ask something about a bug I saw once. It's body looked like a red square, maybe 5mm in length. On each diagonal, a long leg stuck out. It looked like a spider, but with 4 legs..does anyone know about something like this?
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    Never saw one like that. All insects I have heard of have 6 legs and spiders 8. Perhaps you can take a picture next time, you may have discovered a new taxonomic category. :biggrin:
    Assasin bugs http://www.cnr.berkeley.edu/citybugs/ask/truebugsquestions.htm [Broken] bugs, some do have red markings.
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