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Say What?

  1. Feb 21, 2004 #1
    Friar Tuck was driving a truck when he ran over a duck and ran out of luck; he ran off the road and got stuck in the muck; he looked in his wallet and only had a buck so he had to walk home and leave his truck.

    Does any of that make sense?
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    Yes, but im not sure what it has to do with anything.

    Friar Tuck, lonesome schmoe that he is, was driving his truck and accidentally hit a small quacking creature. His truck swerved out off the road and into the muddy shoulder. After finding a dollar in his wallet he decides to walk back home and recover his truck later once he gets some money.

    Lots of 'uck' suffixes.
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    jimmy p

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    They missed out F...no that's naughty!
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    I wanted to add, his hockey puck was in the back of the truck when he got stuck in the muck.
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    Re: Re: Say What?

    Now that doesn't make sense compared to the rest of the story. Unless the hockey puck was symbolic for something crucial to his crash into the muddy off-roads.
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