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Scalar Electromagnetics

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    Are they real are what? I've read in various places on the internet that there is a vast amount of energy stored in the vacuum of space that is supposedly extractable and extremely efficient.
    The top link below contains quite a bit on information about the potential weapons (scalar howitzer if anyone has heard of it) built using scalar EM waves while the link below is the main page which contains a massive amount of information.

    Given that there is so much information about the subject I was just curious to see what a bunch of physicists think. Are scalar electromagnetic pure BS or does it hold some truth?

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    This guy must have some serious mental health issues. This is right up there with David Icke's "theory" about a secret world government controlled by shape-shifting alien lizards.
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    This is very likely a crank.
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    What the hell?! Thats just sad.
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