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Scalar energy pendants

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    Hello to all,

    Greetings! i know there are really great minds here in this forum, I just wanted to know if any of you have heard of these scalar energy pendants? are they safe? and what medical benefits do they give? I work in CT and MRI so i know a little bit of physics. from my understanding it seems like that they produce similar MRI tesla coil energy. any feedback will be great. Is it a scam or is it for real. Thank you in advance.

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    It is more than likely a scam.
    http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_scalar-energy" [Broken]
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    Well, in that case remind me to NEVER go to your institution/department.

    Are they safe?
    Yes, they're some piece of useless rock hanging on your neck.

    What medical benefits do they give?
    NOTHING. Unless lining the pockets of the people selling them is a medical benefit.

    How could you possibly think that anything vaguely like this wouldn't be a scam?! You wear this tacky, ugly, giant necklace and you're just magically cured of everything. All institutionalized science and medicine is the real scam (is that the line of reasoning?)---"medicine" doesn't actually do anything, they just want your money. Rocks around your neck, that's where its at!
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    thank you for the responses. im not wearing it , my mother got sucked in to it and shes trying to get me to wear one . and that's why I'am here asking the experts.
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    thanks zhermes. that was a great response. =). if you dont mind i will forward this to my mother.
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    Sorry, this is just gibberish/technobabble. It's a bunch of scientific-sounding words thrown together, but don't actually have any meaning.
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    You would do well to encourage your mother to invest her time and money in something more reality-based. Scientific literature is a great place to start. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to spot a scam when you understand where reality ends and nonsense begins.

    You were good to ask, but it sounds like both you and your mother are in a position to learn a lot more.
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