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Homework Help: Scalar Function Help

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    I got a doubt question for this.
    Given this general expression for the scalar function, G such that
    del G = F(x,y,z)=2xyi + (x^2 - Z^3)j + (-3yz^2 + 1)k

    How do i go about finding G?
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    Hi shermaine80! :smile:

    (have a nabla: ∇ :wink: and a curly d: ∂)

    If ∇G = fi + gj + hk, then ∂G/dx = f, ∂G/dy = g, ∂G/dz = h,

    so G = ∫fdx + A(y,z), G = ∫gdy + B(x,z), G = ∫hdx + C(x,y),

    where A B and C can be any functions …

    if you try it, you'll soon find it's fairly obvious what A B and C have to be! :wink:
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