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Scalar or pseudoscalar?

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    If an electrically charged particle is a scalar, and a magnetically charged particle is a pseudoscalar, then what is a dyon (having both types of charge), a "mixed-type" scalar? Are there "scalar-like" quantities that can be decomposed into a scalar part and a pseudoscalar part?
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    Don't you mean to say that magnetic charge is a pseudoscalar quantity? That is not the same thing as saying that a particle with magnetic charge is a pseudoscalar.

    Presumably under the parity operation, the magnetic charge of a dyon would change sign, while its electric charge would remain the same.
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    So, we are dealing with one particle having two numeric "charges", one scalar, one pseudoscalar. Now I have another question: A vector field can be "decomposed" into two vector fields (Helmholtz Decomposition) into two vector fields, which I assume one is a "true" vector field, and one is a pseudovector field. Is there a similar decomposition rule for scalar type fields?
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