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Scalar waves

  1. Aug 6, 2013 #1
    First I didn't know where to open new tread, so I open hear, if I put in wrong section please teach me where is the write place. As amateur in Physics I saw somewhere that with scalar waves you can communicate in transmitter-receiver way of course if resonance between t-r is good. Can we, and how interfere this communication (is there some active or passive measure). On net I see example where faraday cage is used as isolator for hertz waves, and if receiver is also in F. cage can we put let say another stronger receiver to retake control over the "old" receiver with "new" one if this new receiver establish better resonance. Also I would that you point me in write direction if I captured something wrong, and would appreciate to give me some web links to learn about the topic.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    You can simply block the waves i.e. a Faraday cage will block electromagnetic waves, hills, mountains, bodies of water etc can also block them.

    You can also broadcast your own waves over the same frequency but more powerfully and so drown out the signal you want to block.

    What is the overall aim here?
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    Thanks Simon for quick replay.

    I want to block communication of scalar waves between receiver and transmitter. Because my knowledge is basically what I pick up from web, I need guidance to accomplish things like that. first of all, scalar waves are not the same as Hertz waves, how to measure frequency between receiver and transmitter. I need that if I want to construct Phase Cancellation from 3 or more transmitter with same frequency (this is something that I find recently on the web). Do you have some idea how to accomplish that, or web link recommendation.
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    What are scalar waves?
  6. Aug 7, 2013 #5
    Its crackpottery.
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    I sort of came to that conclusion when I found that most Google hits refer back to Tesla as a source of information. You'd have thought that, in the past hundred years, something would have come along to improve on that. It has with most electromagnetic technology.
  8. Aug 8, 2013 #7

    Simon Bridge

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    @otpisani: sophiecentaur beat me to it - please provide an example of "scalar waves" so we know what you are talking about. Is it this:
    A scalar wave is a purported type of electromagnetic wave that works outside physics as we know it.
    ... it sure looks liek it considering that I get articles like this one when I look up the other odd term you use - "Hertz wave".

    Maybe the oddness is due to English being a second language?
    Maybe your terminology is out of date?
    Maybe you have been mislead by junk science?
    Something else?
  9. Aug 8, 2013 #8
    Thanks for replay Simon.

    Yes my native language is not English. In physics they use same term for longitudinal, scalar or Tesla wave, or maybe I misunderstood something, I get that expression from the web, and of course I'm not physics.

    This is some question from one visitor on other forum:

    what exactly is a scalar/longitudinal EM wave and how do they work?
    how exactly does one go about creating scalar waves?
    what equipment would be needed to create and test these effects?
    what coil configurations are used? how many windings? what gauge wire?
    is Konstantin Meyl's setup more effective than a caduceus coil setup?
    what input(s) work & with what setup? AC? DC? Pulsed-DC? Square or Sine? At what frequencies? what current?
    what are the effects of scalar wave interference patterns? how would one create these patterns?
    how is it related to or how can it result in free energy? fusion? anti-gravity?
    how are neutrinos involved (according to Meyl) if they even are?
    what does the schumann resonance have to do with it, if anything?
    can the hutchison effect be replicated through the use of scalar waves? if so, how?
    how can scalar waves be modulated to transmit information?
    what are the biological effects? can scalar waves be used to improve health? if so, how?

  10. Aug 8, 2013 #9

    Vanadium 50

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    Let's leave arguments conducted on those other forums on those other forums. Experience (and basic politeness) tells us communication is more effective directly rather than through a third party.
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