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Homework Help: Scale diagram troubles!

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    hey all...

    Im having trouble with a question here that asks when only 2 forces act on an object (1: 8.0 to the right, 2: 12.0 N to the left) draw a scale diagram to determine the magnitude and direction of the resulting NET force.

    anyone know how to do this?
    anyone know how to draw a scale diagram PERIOD?

    My professor forgot to explain this part but of course expects me to know the answer and do the homework correctly :frown: :mad:

    anyways, thanks guys
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    Doc Al

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    He wants you to add those force vectors graphically: draw the first vector, then draw the second vector by placing its tail at the tip of the first vector, the sum is a vector from the tail of the first to the tip of the second. (Check your book if that's not clear.)

    To add them properly, make sure that each vector is drawn to scale: that just means the length of the arrow should be proportional to the magnitude of the vector. For example: if you represent the 8 N force with an arrow 2 inches long, then the 12 N force better be an arrow 3 inches long.
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    wow, thanx alot Doctor Al....that really helped me alot! :biggrin: ill do everything u suggested and see how it works out - thanx again :smile:
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