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Scale of the universe

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    Suppose i'm a gigantic being, of the size of many galaxies, just floating in space. I wouldn't be able to have the flexibility i have now, and would probably require an eternity just to raise my arm above my head, since my arm can't move faster than light. It would take a long time as well for light to travel between the tips of two of my fingers. In essence, time would seem to move alot slower. Of course this isn't realistic, because the neurons in my nervous system would also be alot longer, so it would take a long time as well for a neuron to affect another neuron. So my brain would function alot slower as well, which would probably compensate for the slow changing environment i'd be in as to make me unaware of how slow things around me are changing.
    Consider a being that's extremely small. That being is, relative to us, in a very fast paced environment. Because the being is part of that same environment it also changes very fast, so perception wise the being is unaware of how fast his environment is changing. For that being it might seem that we live in a very slow paced environment, in fact, it takes a very long time (in the small being's time units) for me to raise my arm above my head, however because my nervous system also changes slower relative to the small being's nervous system i don't notice a thing. However, from the small being's perspective one of my neuron's takes an eternity to fire, and he may ask "is this large being alive in between the firing of his neurons which take so long to fire?". Obviously i can't be conscious, in between the firing on my neurons, so i'm unconscious periodically in intervals of very small time units. I'm not continuous, in fact every "very often" i'm asleep or dead or what have you for a very short time interval, isn't that cool?
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