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Scam or Fraud warning!

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    I got a phone call today - call back number 800-549-5301. It claimed Microsoft Windows license expired. I checked reverse phone lookup. Many people have received this call - obvious fraud. I believe Microsoft does not phone anyone, but uses e-mail to communicate.
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    jack action

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    Connected to the Internet, Microsoft do whatever it wants with my Windows installation. :cry::H:nb):mad:
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    There's a lot of youtube videos on these types of scams:


    In one video, the scammer tried to prove his call was real by referencing a software key embedded within the windows registry (via regedit command) that he said was the user's special MS windows ID (it wasn't it was the same for every user) that identified the computer to them remotely.
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    Microsoft have no obligation at all to assist individual users of Windows OS or other products, although their online support is usally friendly
    A company with billions of users has no reason to contact individual users personally and ask if things are working properly.
    If you have a car or even a bike, does the producers get in touch to see if it's OK?
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