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Scanner reading software

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    I don't know how to describe this properly in a few words, hence the awkward thread title. I used to own this particular program which is able to decipher words in picture files to actual text which can then be copied to MS word or other word processors. It doesn't require a scanner but it works well with one, and I remember testing it out on some printed text like books and newspapers and it deciphered most of the text through the scanner easily. I believed it was freeware. Does anyone know of a program that does the above?

    I forgot the name of the program I used and I believe I deleted it inadvertently.
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    It's called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) there are lots of programs (with different performance) usually you get one free with the scanner.
    I think the latest MS-office includes one - otherwise try a search on sourceforge for free ones.
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