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Scanners in webbased programming

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    Is there any way to connect to a scanner in order to operate it via a Flash movie?
    We are developinga a webbased accounting syastem. The users need to scan the attachmenst and upload them to our databases. Do you know any web based solution??
    Any solution by using Javascript, PHP or ..... ?
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    1) Why Flash?
    2) What platform is the server? If it was linux it would be a piece of cake. All you would need to do is pass SANE command-line options through PHP. The result would be that SANE would create a file on the server, which you can put anywhere you want, DB included. You could also display that picture on your site. If you want fancer features like cropping, then you would need a little javascript to draw a draggable rectangle that is bounded by the width and height of the image. Again, you would pass the SANE command-line options, which would include co-ordinates this time.

    If your server is windows I have no idea how you would do this. I guess you could do something similar, but you'll need a program that supports command-line options or has an availible API.
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    PHP with the GD library may be of some use, and you can also implement PHP in flash so it's basically having php parse codes for action script.
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    Again, why get flash involved? Keep It Simple Stupid.
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    Am I missing somthing?

    The scanners are attached to the clients not to the server , anyway the server is runnnig Linux.
    We think this : http://delphitwain.sourceforge.net/ fits our needs.
    A little program written in Delphi connects to the scanners and aquires the image then we ask the user to upload them to our server.
    Any better ideas?
    Thank you all
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    From your first post it sounded like you wanted to connect remotely and do everything through the web interface. Now the client is doing the actually scanning and all they do is upload the file. That's easy enough. In this senerio you can get away with using the sofware that came with the client's scanner. Then all you have to do is have a simple php script that saves the uploaded file:

    http://www.netspade.com/articles/php/uploading.xml [Broken]
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