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Scared of bjts

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    okay for some strange reason i'm very very scared of bjts .. i dont know maybe i just dont get em at alll... is there some site or some book that explains bjts in the simplest terms??
    u know something crude that gives u the basics??
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    What don't you understand about them? Basically they are just switches. Similar to light switches at home except that bjts can switch on and off millions of time per second.
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    http://www.uoguelph.ca/~antoon/tutorial/xtor/xtor.html [Broken]

    The above might help.

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    There are some good lecture videos/animations on youtube.
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    i dont know i'm just scared of them.. i read the book and it goes over my head .. OVER my head.. using sedra smith and a systems approach to electronics.... its just confusing... and i spend half the time trying to figure out whats happening to the electrons ...
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    Start here if you are reading from books-
    Art of electronics and Electronic devices by David A.Bell

    Basically its like a vacuum tube. You make electrons in one terminal, you collect them in the other. You insert a 'gate' halfway to control the amount of electrons.
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    Do you mean bjts (bipolar junction transistors), like npn and pnp? Get a 2N3055 and 2 one-watt, 100 ohm resistors. Connect the collector to + 15 volts thru one 100 ohm resistor. Connect the emitter to ground through the other resistor. Get a 1k pot, connect it between ground and + 10 volts, and the wiper to the base through a 1k resistor. Now monitor the collector and emitter voltages and vary the base voltage. Plot the emitter and collector voltages as a function of the base voltage.
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    I like John Popelish's "drunken bum on a crazy street transistor analogy".

    See the second post here:

    Oh heck, I'll just go ahead and repost it:
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    thanks... reading the bum on a drunken street analogy calmed me down a bit.. enuff to be able to go and hit the books again... i hope i get something this time... :D
    if i dont its back to this thread ...
    :D :D
    thankyou everyone..
    and i'll try getting a pair of bjts and experiment with them soon enuff (Godwilling)
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