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News Scary stuff

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    I wonder if this will help increase funding for NMD ?
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    This rather serious thread gets one reply? Is no one concerned about this?

    I for one am worried about the people of China....

    If they really will use a nuke on the United States then the people of China are in a lot of trouble.

    Townsend (hopes that at the very least all the westerners like The Smoking Man would be able to get out of China before it would be to late)
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    And I'm sure in your context you will go on believing that.

    This general stated that he was speaking from his own personal perspective and not as a spokesman of the state.

    Kind of like you.

    You're sure this has never happened in the USA?

    William G. "Jerry" Boyington?
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    I am through talking with the likes of you if you cannot refrain from putting words into my mouth. If you want to tell me what I am saying for me and then tell me what you think about what you said I am saying, then why don't you just go argue with the wall?
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    Curtis E. LeMay, Air Force/SAC - who wanted to nuke Russia and China - and wanted to "bomb Vietnam back to the Stoneage".

    General Douglas McArthur, who wanted to use nuclear weapons in Korea.

    and a host of other nuts.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The NMD is a joke. LASERS will make it obsolete before it ever works.
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    I must say that I am surprised.

    You addressed me directly and I responded.

    I re-stated your assertion that you spoke your opinion which I can document if you'd like.

    I then showed you an instance of a high ranking military officer in the USA who made similar statements.

    Astronuc has supplied you with some other references. I would also go as far as saying that it was McArthur's opinion that the US should have continued to Beijing.

    Is it just because you are not used to people questioning your opinion or that you can't admit when you are wrong?

    Every word I said was the truth.

    This is from YOUR own link:

    Can you point out where I went wrong?
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    yep..when you said:

    If you're not trying to tell me what I am saying for me then what do you mean by saying what you did?
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    Right, but it still freaks me out...
  13. Jul 16, 2005 #12

    I disagree. Unless you mean that a warning is saber rattling?

    This is not bravado. It is a message. If the USA continues on it's world domination conquest, the Chinese will resort to nuclear war if necessary. You can bank on it.

    The denials are politics. If there were no denials, the guys would get into an "oh yeah!" situation and the war could start next week.
  14. Jul 16, 2005 #13
    That is scary...there will be a lot of dead Chinese people, a lot. I am certain that if China launched a nuke at the US we would destroy their entire country in the blink of an eye. I think that is scary and also very sad....
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    He expressed his opinion, kind of like you. Didn't you say that was okay on the other thread?

    Does he have to get his own URL so we can quote him?
  16. Jul 16, 2005 #15
    Well, now you know what happened with Kim Jong Il and why it is not wise to sabre rattle in front of an unballanced ruler.

    It's called diplomacy.
  17. Jul 16, 2005 #16
    Then I misunderstood you...

    my apologizes...
  18. Jul 16, 2005 #17
    I don't follow what you mean, could you explain it some more?
  19. Jul 16, 2005 #18

    I am curious. Do you say there would be a lot of dead chinese people because that makes you feel better? You think the Chinese would not start a war if the consequences would be lots of dead Chinese people?

    I hate to break it to you but that would not stop them. The Chinese have 5 billion people. Someone could blow up 3 billion of them. So what? Plenty more where they came from.

    If there was a nuclear war, where someone thought they would be victor, I think the entire planet would be dead. It would take too many nukes to ensure destruction of the other side. The nuclear winter would get every left. I think it is much more likely that there would be a limited nuclear exchange. Bullies never stop until someone stands up and punches them in the nose. I don't think the guys in control of the USA right now will stop until someone punches them in the nose. They lied to the world about WMD and got away with it with no punishment. Now they feel they can get away with anything.

    If it ever did happen. It would be a limited nuclear exchange where China probably blows up Okinawa, the USA contingents in japan and korea, and the 4 or 5 carrier battle groups off of china. The USA would counter with blowing up a few Chinese cities. Like I said. So what. Then they would both realize they were both serious. They would make a pact to divide the world up like in George Orwells book. EastAsia, EurAsia and the Americas.

    If you are sitting there nervous. Why? Why do that to yourself? Nothing you can do can change it. I talked about those WMD lies for literally years as did lots of other people. Those criminals got away with everything. Instead of sitting around chewing your nails, why not feel happy? Just go do whatever makes you happy and don't think about politics. If there was a nuclear war, you would never know. You would be watching TV one minute and the next you would be ash. Why worry about something you won't even know is happening? Your brain would be crisp before you could think "Oh my god! I just got nuked!" ;)
  20. Jul 16, 2005 #19
    LOL. I love the way the American psyche thinks that NOTHING will get through to them in a war.

    Remember, this is NOT Iraq and you do not know what provisions have been made for war by the Chinese.

    Nor are you looking far enough ahead to the reprocussions politically with fallout and the disposition of the world as far as nuclear fallout.

    Nukes are not detonated on the ground if you don't know. They are detonated in the atmosphere above a target. Surely you know the prevailing winds blow towards South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia etc.

    So far you are scared to death of Korea and they MAY have 6 nukes with a questionable delivery system. CHINA!!!! HELLOOOOOO!!!!

    For all you know, with an unprotected west coast, you may already have nukes on your soil awaiting detonation. Can you say for sure you don't?

    For gosh sakes, you can't even keep the Mexicans out with a steel fence and sensors.

    You can't keep drugs out with unsophisticated South American Drug Cartels.

    I suggest you bite the bullet and watch F-9/11 again by Michael Moore. Forget the politics. Just review the bit where he describes the ONE GUY you had patroling your west coast and how when he has a day off you were completely unprotected ... but you could make a call from the phone booth outside his office.

    All the 'Star Wars' sophistication in the world is not going to amount to much when a bunch of static, planted nukes in all population centers of the states are merely detonated instead of being launched.
  21. Jul 16, 2005 #20
    No, I say it because I would feel terrible for such a lose of human life....from what I have seen a typical person in China is a very peaceful person, I don't want to see such a great country and it's people destroyed.

    I know, thats the really scary part of it....not to mention that I doubt we would stop at 3/5ths of the pop and then give up, we would go till the war was won, completely.

    You don't get it do you, the US will win at all cost. The resolve in this country , in my opinion of course, has never been matched before in history.

    We have more than enough to completely destroy anyone and everyone.

    I don't think it would. Do you have any idea how many bombs the US and
    Russia alone have detonated?

    Don't be naive about this...there would be no hope of a limited exchange unless the Chinese gave up early on. I know for a fact that the US would not stop, no way in hell. And that is not something I am proud of.

    please...save your diatribe about the US. This is not about who is right and who is wrong.

    They would not be able to hit the carrier battle groups, but nice try...

    :rofl: yeah, and about 100 20 to 50 megaton trident missiles (there goes 75 percent of the pop) coming from subs, who knows how many ICBMs and the list goes on. The stock pile of nuclear arms is enough to turn earth into a small star...

    In my location, it is not likely that a missile would make it this far into the mainland US...I would prefer to not survive such a scenario, however.
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