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Scattering of light

  1. May 19, 2010 #1
    what does it mean by scattering of light? (or electrons etc?) does it mean light is absorbed, and then re-radiated.(by eciting electrons to higher energy levels which then produce light when it falls back ownto the ground state) or that its something more like compton scattering? or is it to do with it hitting electrons making it oscilliate, which then emits emr? im a bit confused with this concept... thanks
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    scattering means change of path (i.e. deviation) of rays when these rays interacts with sample/medium, etc. If their is a change in energy (between incoming and outgoing rays) then the process is inelastic. Other elastic. What emits emr?
    for this question i am not sure but it may be the energy (energy of the electron/nucleus state) is emitted as emr.
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