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Scene prop

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    I need an alcohol bottle for a scene that I'm doing and don't know anything about alcohol because I don't drink. I need a bottle that obviously looks like an alcohol bottle, and I need whatever alcohol it is to look like apple juice. I'm going to replace the alcohol with apple juice. Obviously I don't want to get a vodka bottle and replace the vodka with apple juice, cause that wouldn't look right. My character drinks alcohol, but I don't want to drink real alcohol. Anyone have an idea about what kind of bottle I could use that's unmistakably an alcohol bottle and which alcohol looks like apple juice?
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    get a Heineken bottle, those are green and it will look fine with apple juice in there. Especially from the audience.
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    Whisky is probably closest. If apple juice doesn't look exactly like whisky in practice, remember that no one watching will expect you to actually be drinking alcohol.

    You could avoid any questions about exactly what you're drinking by just using a flask. Put water in it so you swallow convincingly.
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    Vodka or gin looks like water.

    Some whiskies have the color of apple juice.
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    Seagram's Seven Crown whiskey (and probably some other brands) comes in tinted bottles. Many years ago in a high-school skit I used one of those which was partly filled with Kool-Aid.
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    If you need to actually drink it, use a whiskey bottle, and put some Cola in it, then thin it with water until it matches the tint of the whiskey.
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    Jack Daniels and Jim Beam have rather distinctive looking bottle labels and the whiskeys/bourbons have a similar enough look to apple juice that no one is likely to notice the difference in colour.

    p-17037.jpg 012.24.22.jpg

    Note that there are also smaller bottles but these were the quickest images to grab and post.
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    Get some decaffeinated tea, brew it really strong, and dilute until you get the shade you want. Apple juice would be too yellow, IMO, and real cider has enough residual pomace to make it a bit cloudy.
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    Or Coke and apple juice blended to the right colour.
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    Of course, you can always just avoid the peculiar taste factor and use food colouring dyes with water.
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