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Scenic physics question for wall system

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    I am a college student getting my degree in technical theatre. I will be the Technical Director for our production of Altar Boyz. The designer has designed a wall of one inch box tube. the wall is 16' tall by 32'9" wide. It has an open framing and the lighting designer has decided to basically fill it with lights. I have figured out the withdrawal strength of the lag screws i will be using in the braces to attach the unit to the floor and now i need to figure out the what force it would take to tip the wall forward in order to be sure i use the correct sized braces and amount of lag screws. any help would be beneficial. also i have attached a rough sketch of the side and front views


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    Have you had a course or do you have references for STATICS....as distinct from dynamics??

    Usually placing braces at a 45 degree angle gives the best overall stability but practical factors can alter that. Also, as your sketch would suggest, a 45 degree brace 1 foot from the base and one foot high won't offer as much stability as one, say, ten feet high....the larger brace provides better torque resistance....torque is the force x distance from the center of rotation. So a force applied at the top of your wall has a 16 times the torque (16 times the effect) as the same force applied one foot from the bottom.
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