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Dear Russ_Watters, dear Chemistree,

Thank you so much for your advice, in this system it would be okay to swap the cards, so the DSLR would be the best solution. I just don't know is there any DSLR that can meet the requirements of programming the frame rate (I mean to tell the device that it should take pictures for a few hours at a given fps)
I was given an advice from a friend to search for somebody who is an expert in programming micro-controllers. With a micro-controller it may be possible to "hack" the DSLR camera....but I am not sure, I've never done things like this.

Many greetings,



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If you get a Canon DSLR, you can equip it with a programmable corded timer remote (about $130 US) that lets you schedule sequential shots over a period of 100 hours (over 4 days).
Dear turbo-1!
This seems to be the solution! Is it possible to directly buy this thing? Would you please specify me the device?
If I can make this, the only task would be to change the memory cards time to time. And this is not a problem.

Thank you!

Many greetings,

T the M. :smile:

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